Type of Art 

Micro Mosaic 


Certificate of Honor

This piece of art exhibited at the First Micro Mosaic Art Exhibition in the World, by Artist Saad R. Mikhaiel

 (A New Symphony with a Note of History)

It was held in the Egyptian Opera House in Cairo 

on May 10th, 2010

Took the preparation for this exhibition 18 years of hard work


Material Description

Tiles / Tesserae: variety of spectrum /opaque glass, hand-cut pieces, range from half a millimeter to three millimeters. fixed by Epoxy, The artwork Installed on a slab of natural plywood 9 mm thickness, With beautiful veneer of natural root wood around the artwork and veneer of natural oak on the back With Shellac paint finish. You can enjoy as it unframed, Or you put a frame of your choice according to your desire.

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Total Dimensions  

    H              W           Thickness   
  84 cm         70 cm       12 mm
  33.0 in. 27.5 in. 0.47 in.

Sizes been rounded to the nearest the integer centimeter

Weight (Almost)                                  -.- Kg.                               


Artwork’s date : 2010
Created by  Saad R Mikhaiel                                      
Inspired by : Unknown

: © copyright Saad R. Mikhaiel



5,975.00 £


Price does not include Shipping/postage costs




You will receive with this piece of art :-

1 - An authenticity certificate for this artwork signed by the artist.

2 - An official certificate from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture for this mosaic piece.

3 - Pricing certificate, certified by the art valuation expert.



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